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Mark Sutton is a composer and musician who creates music with a reflective and nostalgic appeal from his studio in Dorset. His masterful approach to digital orchestration gifts him the ability to compose to brief or to picture.  Mark doesn’t set out with a mission to create a particular piece; instead, he arrives at his pieces, guided by his fingers and directed by his soul.

Since an early age, Mark has been a master of his piano and takes inspiration from an eclectic mix of modern and classical composers and artists, from Chopin to Coldplay, there’s something there for Mark to source from. Mark’s work combines orchestrated and pure piano tunes, it’s the perfect ’study’ music, and guides the mind, body and soul towards feelings of contentment and peace during the times you wish to relax and unwind.


"My music" is received through inspirational thoughts and ideas. I sit at the piano and literally play with the notes to see where they take me. I like to create a visual image in my mind while I’m playing which give the tunes a story to build on.


Mark Sutton’s music takes listeners on a journey, directed by a man who has masterful control over music and a deep, innate understanding of the human condition. He recently has introduced a pseudonym “Music Garden” which covers his more Adult Contemporary/Singer Songwriter genre. After writing and recording for many years and working as a jobbing session musician Sutton happened across a kindred spirit in Vaughn Jones (courtesy of Media Recordings).


They soon realized a joint love of melodic poppy electronica and embarked on sessions, writing and recording numerous, as yet unreleased tracks. However, with schedules now aligned, Music Garden are set to release a clutch of tracks during 2023 and 2024.


Sutton said, “We’re unashamedly making 80’s tinged electronic pop, so if people like Kylie, Robyn, La Roux, synth wave, they’re probably going to like what we’re doing in Music Garden”.




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